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Gallaher, Brandon, Dr

Имя кратко: Галлахер, Брэндон
Имя на родном языке: Gallaher, Brandon
Ученое звание: доктор богословия
Тип персоны: Зарубежные исследователи
Профессиональные интересы: Догматическое богословие, Патрология, Религия и мир, Экуменизм, Русская религиозная философия, Экклезиология
Конфессии: Православие
Краткая биографическая справка:

Academic Posts

Present post: British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow, Faculty of Theology,University of Oxford. College Affil.: Regent's Park College. Title: 'Primacy, Papacy and the Challenge of Secularism in Modern Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Ecclesiology.' 

2010-2011: Lecturer in Theology, Keble College, University of Oxford.


Academic Qualifications and Education

Regent’s Park College, University of Oxford. DPhil in Theology. Thesis title: ‘There is Freedom: The Dialectic of Freedom and Necessity in the Trinitarian Theologies of Sergii Bulgakov, Karl Barth and Hans Urs von Balthasar’ Supervisor: Prof Paul Fiddes.

Regent’s Park College, University of Oxford. Master of Studies in Theology (Research). With a paper on Doctrine and Methods from Kant to Troeltsch. Dissertation title: ‘There is Freedom: The Problem of Divine Freedom and the Necessity of Love in Karl Barth and Sergii Bulgakov.’ Supervisor: Prof. Paul Fiddes. 

St Vladimir’s Orthodox Theological Seminary, Crestwood, New York. Master of Divinity. Thesis title: ‘Catholic Action: Ecclesiology, the Eucharist and the Question of Intercommunion in the Ecumenism of Sergii Bulgakov.’  Supervisor: Prof. Paul Meyendorff.

McGill University, Montreal, Canada. Master of Arts in Religious Studies. Thesis title: ‘That We Might Love Him the More: An Irenaean Theodicy Built on Christ Crucified.’ Supervisor: Profs. Douglas Farrow and John Behr.

University of British Columbia (final year at McGill University), Vancouver, Canada. Bachelor of Arts in Honours English and Majors in Philosophy. Thesis title: ‘Le Bon Diable: Literary Theodicy in Paradise Lost  and The Master and Margarita.’ Supervisor: Prof. Dennis Danielson.

Библиография работ автора:

Select Publications


Freedom and Necessity in Modern Trinitarian Theology (Forthcoming from Oxford University Press, Oxford Theological Monographs 2013).

The Patristic Witness of Georges Florovsky: Essential Theological Writings, co-edited with Paul Ladouceur, Introduction by myself and a Foreword by Kallistos Ware. (forthcoming T & T Clark/Continuum, 2013).

[with Christopher Hays, Julia Konstantinovsky, Richard Ounsworth and Casey Strine] When the Son of Man Didn’t Come: A Constructive Proposal Regarding the “Delay of the Parousia” (under consideration by OUP).

Shorter Studies

'Antinomism, Trinity and the Challenge of Rationalism in the Theology of Sergii Bulgakov' in a special issue on Bulgakov of Studies in East European Thought, Edited by Edward Swiderski and Regula Zwahlen. Forthcoming Autumn 2012

'The Contribution of Sergii Bulgakov to Modern Ecumenism' in “That they all may be one” (John 17,21). Orthodoxy and Ecumenism – A Handbook for Theological Education, Eds. Pantelis Kalaitzidis, Thomas FitzGerald, Cyril Hovorun, Aikaterini Pekridou and Nikolaos Asproulis (Geneva/Volos: World Council of Churches, Conference of European Churches, and the Volos Academy for Theological Studies and Forthcoming Winter 2013).

'A Re-envisioning of Neo-Patristic Synthesis?": Orthodox Identity and Polemicism in Fr Georges Florovsky and the Future of Orthodox Theology', Theologia, Forthcoming October 2012 (in Greek)

'The Problem of Pantheism in the Sophiology of Sergii Bulgakov: A Panentheistic Solution in the Process Trinitarianism of Joseph A. Bracken?' in Seeking Common Ground: Evaluation and Critique of Joseph Bracken’s Comprehensive Worldview (A Festschrift for Joseph A. Bracken, S. J.), eds. Gloria Schaab and Marc Pugliese (Milwaukee: Marquette University Press, 2012), 147-167.

'Georges Florovsky' in S. J. Kristiansen and Svein Rise, eds., Fifty Theological Thinkers--From Modern to Postmodern Theologians (Forthcoming Ashgate, Summer 2012).

'A Helper of Providence: "Justified Providential War" in Vladimir Solov'ev ' in War in Eastern Christian Thought: Perspectives from Orthodox Christian Scholars, eds. Perry T. Hamalis and Valerie A. Karras (Forthcoming from Notre Dame UP).

‘“Waiting for the Barbarians”: Identity and Polemicism in the Neo-Patristic Synthesis of Georges Florovsky’, Modern Theology, 27.4 (October 2011), 659-691.

Entry on ‘Florovsky, Georges (1893-1979)’, The Cambridge Dictionary of Christianity, Gen. Ed. Daniel Patte (Cambridge: Cambridge UP, 2010), 428-429.

‘The Christological Focus of Vladimir Solov’ev’s Sophiology’, Modern Theology, 25.4 (October 2009), 617-646.

‘Georges Florovsky’ in Ståle Johannes Kristiansen and Svein Rise, eds., Moderne teologi: Tradisjon og nytenkning hos det 20. århundrets teologer (Kristiansand: Höøyskoleforlaget-Norwegian Academic Press, 2008), 366-379.

‘Graced Creatureliness: Ontological Tension in the Uncreated/Created Distinction in the Sophiologies of Solov’ev, Bulgakov and Milbank’, Logos: A Journal of Eastern Christian Studies, 47.1-2 (2006), 163-190.

‘“...Tam Svoboda”: Problema Bozhestvennnoi Svobody i Neobkhodimosti Liubvi u K. Barta i S. Bulgakova’ in Russkoe Bogoslovie v Evropeiskom Kontekste: S. N. Bulgakov i zapadnaia religiozno-filosofskaia mysl’, Seriia ‘Religioznye mysliteli’, ed., Vladimir Porus (Moscow: Bibleisko-bogoslovskii institut sv. apostola Andreia, 2006), 40-81. 

‘Georges Florovsky on reading the life of St Seraphim’, Sobornost, 27.1 (2005): 58-70. [‘Ho orthos tropos anagnoses tou Viou hagiou Serapheim, kata ton p. Georgio Phlorophsky’, Synaxi, 98 (April-June 2006), 55-65 [translation]].

[done with Irina Kukota] ‘Protopresbyter Sergii Bulgakov: Hypostasis and Hypostaticity: Scholia to the Unfading Light’, St Vladimir’s Theological Quarterly, 49:1-2 (2005),  5-46 [translation from Russian, introduction, notes and appendix].

‘Bulgakov’s Ecumenical Thought’, Sobornost,  24.1 (2002), 24-55.

‘Bulgakov and intercommunion’, Sobornost,  24.2 (2002),  9-28.

Reviews in Modern Theology, St Vladimir’s Theological Quarterly, Logos: A Journal of Eastern Christian Studies, The Russian Review, ARC and Sourozh.

Recent Lectures, Seminar and Conference Papers

'Ecclesiology and the Episcopate in the Post-Secular Age', Invited Paper to Bristol University, Department of Theology and Religious Studies, 23 April 2013. Convener: Prof. Gavin D'Costa.

'A Secularism of the Royal Doors: Towards an Orthodox Christian Vision of the Secular, Secularism and Secularization', Annual Conference of the Orthodox Theological Research Forum, St Edmund's Hall, University of Oxford, 11-13 September 2012.

'A Common Theological Vision?: Bulgakov and Lossky on Theological Antinomism and a future Orthodox Systematic Theology', Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Religion (AAR), Eastern Orthodox Studies Group, Chicago, 17-20 November 2012.

‘Stretching out towards the Far Shore: Resources for a “Christian Secularism”’, Modern Theology Seminar, Convener: Prof. George Pattison, Christ Church, University of Oxford, Trinity Term, 28 May 2012.

Invited Participant in ‘Death, Resurrection and Human Destiny: Christian and Muslim Perspectives’, The Archbishop of Canterbury’s ‘12th Annual Building Bridges Seminar for Muslim and Christian Scholars’, Lambeth Palace and Canterbury Cathedral, 22-25   April 2012. For more information see: <http://www.archbishopofcanterbury.org/articles.php/2452/building-bridges-christian-muslim-seminar-on-death-resurrection-and-human-destiny> 

‘Between the Trinity and Hell: Evil and Suffering in Modern Orthodox Theology’ (Day Long Lecture Course on Subject), Institute for Orthodox Christian Studies, Wesley House, Cambridge, 17 December 2011.

Collaborative presentation of forthcoming book (When the Son of Man Didn’t Come: A Constructive Proposal Regarding the “Delay of the Parousia”) from Oxford Postdoctoral Colloquium, 9 December 2011, Institute for Bible, Theology and Hermeneutics, Director: Dr Mark Elliott, University of St Andrews, School of Divinity, St Mary’s College.

'The Vocation of the Academic Theologian?', British Early Career Association for Theologians (BECAT), 8-9 September 2011, St Edmund Hall, University of Oxford.

'A Tale of Two Speeches: Post-Secularism, Primacy, the Papacy and the Critique of the Secular in the Theologies of Benedict XVI and Met. Hilarion Alfeyev', Oxford – Bonn Theology Faculty Graduate and Senior Seminar, St John's College, Oxford, 13 September 2011.

'An Alternate Modernity?: Orthodox and Roman Catholic Engagements with Secularism and (Post) Modernity and the Nature of Episcopal Authority', 'The Challenge of a Secular Age', 12th Annual Summer School, Institute for Orthodox Christian Studies, Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge, 24 July-29 July 2011.

Места работы/учебы: Faculty of Theology, Regent's Park College, University of Oxford.

Автор 1 публикации:

    Gallaher, Brandon, Dr
    10 июля 2012 г.
    In this article Dr Brandon Gallaher describes the major elements of an Orthodox theology of time, with particular reference to the theology of Fr Alexander Schmemann and St Gregory of Nyssa. Dr Gallaher asks what we mean by time in relation to creation and to God; what the nature of time is as experienced by us as fallen beings, as 'growth unto death'; and how time can be experienced as renewal, as 'growth unto life in Jesus Christ', referring in particular to the concept of the liturgical Eighth Day.

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