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Нейл Бронуэн

Имя кратко: Нейл Б.
Имя на родном языке: Neil Bronwen
Имя на английском языке: Neil B.
Тип персоны: Зарубежные исследователи
Профессиональные интересы: Экзегетика и герменевтика, Патрология, Новый Завет
Конфессии: Католичество
Краткая биографическая справка:

Преподаватель патристики Австралийского католического университета. Сотрудник Центра раннехристианских исследований.

Научные интересы: латинские и греческие тексты поздней античности; отношения между христианским востоком и западом; поздняя античность.

Библиография работ автора:

Избранная библиография


Models of Gift-Giving in the Preaching of Leo the Great, in Journal of Early Christian Studies (print version)

From Tristia to Gaudia: The exile and martyrdom of Pope Martin I, in Martyrdom and Persecution in Late Antique Christianity: Festschrift in honour of Boudewijn Dehandschutter

Blessed are the Rich: Leo the Great and the Roman Poor, in Studia Patristica

Spiritual Peace and Civic Harmony in Leo the Great's Homily 95, in Studies of Religion and Politics in the Early Christian Centuries


Anastasius Bibliothecarius, in Christian-Muslim relations: a bibliographical history

Leo the Great

Preaching poverty in Late Antiquity: perceptions and realities


Towards Defining a Christian Culture: the Christian transformation of classical literature, in Cambridge History of Christianity vol 2: Constantine to c.600

Blessed is Poverty: Leo the Great on Almsgiving, in Sacris Erudiri

The Politics of Hagiography in Ninth-Century Rome, in Text and Transmission in Medieval Europe


The Miracles of Saints Cyrus and John: the Greek text and its transmission, in Australian Early Medieval Association. Journal

Narrating the Trials and Deaths of Martin I and Maximus the Confessor, in Byzantine Narrative: Papers in Honour of Roger Scott

Letter of Vigilius to John, in John Chrysostom. The Cult of the Saints

Exploring the Limits of Literal Exegesis: Augustine's reading of Gen 1:26, in Pacifica

On True Humility: An Anonymous Letter on Poverty and the Female Ascetic, in Prayer and Spirituality in the Early Church IV: The Spiritual Life

Commemorating Pope Martin 1: his trial in Constantinople, in Studia Patristica 39

Seventh-Century Popes and Martyrs: the Political Hagiography of Anastasius Bibliothecarius


The Blessed Passion of Holy Love: Maximus the Confessor's Spiritual Psychology, in Australian E-Journal of Theology

The Introduction of Old Church Slavonic to the First Bulgarian Empire: The Role of SS Cyril and Methodius, in Orientalia Lovaniensia Analecta

It is I who am a man; you who are women: Sayings of the Desert Mothers, in Women-Church: An Australian Journal of Feminist Studies in Religion


Rufinus' Translation of the Epistola Clementis ad Iacobum, in Augustinianum

The Cult of Pope Clement in Ninth-Century Rome, in Ephemerides Liturgicae

Two views of vice and virtue: Augustine of Hippo and Maximus the Confessor, in Prayer and Spirituality in the Early Church III: Liturgy and Life

The Life of Maximus the Confessor; Recension 3


Maximus the Confessor and his Companions: Documents from Exile

Контактная информация: (07) 3623 7263 (Brisbane)

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