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Тейлор Дэвид

Имя кратко: Тейлор Д.
Имя на родном языке: Taylor David
Имя на английском языке: Taylor D.
Тип персоны: Зарубежные исследователи
Профессиональные интересы: Патрология, Семитские языки, Филология
Конфессии: Англиканские церкви
Краткая биографическая справка: Преподаватель арамейского и сирийского языков и литературы Восточного института Оксфордского университета.

Научные интересы: сирийская литература, богословие и история; арамейская диалектология.

Библиография работ автора:

Библиография работ


• The Syriac Versions of the De Spiritu Sancto by Basil of Caesarea (2 vols.; Corpus Scriptorum Christianorum Orientalium 576 [xlii + 204pp], 577 [xxxvi + 130pp]; Peeters, Leuven 1999.)
• Studies in the Early Text of the Gospels and Acts (Texts and Studies III.1; Birmingham UP 1999), ed. DGKT [xvi + 283pp]; US edition published 1999 by Society of Biblical Literature.
• The Hidden Pearl: The Syrian Orthodox Church and its Ancient Aramaic Heritage, S.P. Brock, co-written and edited DGKT (3 vols., I. The Ancient Aramaic Heritage [204pp]; II. The Heirs of the Ancient Aramaic Heritage [268pp]; III. At the Turn of the Third Millennium: The Syrian Orthodox Witness [264pp]; accompanied by 3 films; TransWorld Film, Rome / Octavo Press, Florence 2001.)

Статьи и главы:

• “St. Basil the Great and the Syrian Christian Tradition”, in The Harp: A Review of Syriac and Oriental Studies IV (1991) pp.49-58.
• “The Christians”, in Some Minorities in the Middle East: A Report Prepared for the Research and Analysis Department of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, ed. R. Tapper (London 1992). [An expanded version published by SOAS as Occasional Paper 9, (London 1992).]
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• “A Further Note on asiantos in Ephraem the Syrian”, in The British Library Journal 22 (1996) pp.236-7
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• “St. Ephraim’s Influence on the Greeks”, in Hugoye: Journal of Syriac Studies 1.2 (1998) 8pp. [http://syrcom.cua.edu/Hugoye/Vol1No2/index.html ] (To be republished in paper format 2003.)
• “The Manuscript Tradition of Daniel of Salah’s Psalm Commentary”, Orientalia Christiana Analecta 256 (Rome 1998) pp.61-69.
• “The Great Psalm Commentary of Daniel of Salah”, in The Harp: A Review of Oriental and Syriac Studies XIXII (1998-99) pp.33-42.
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• “Bilingualism and Diglossia in Late Antique Syria and Mesopotamia”, in Bilingualism in Ancient Society: Language Contact and the Written Word, ed. J.N. Adams, M. Janse, & S. Swain (OUP, 2002) 298-331.

Публикации в прессе:
• “Early Translations in the Ancient Orient: From Greek into Syriac”, in Uebersetzung * Translation * Traduction: Ein internationales Handbuch zur Übersetzungsforschung, ed. A.P. Frank et al., (Verlag Walter de Gruyter, Berlin/New York).
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• “The Psalm Headings in the West Syrian Tradition”, in The Peshitta: Its use in Literature and Liturgy (E.J. Brill).
• New articles for New Dictionary of National Biography (Oxford; O.U.P.): “Payne Smith, J”, “Brooks, E.W.”, “Mingana, A”, “Maclean, A.J.”
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• “The history of Syriac lexicography: from early roots to future growth”, with a ‘Handlist of printed Syriac Lexica’, in Syriac Lexicography, ed. T. Falla, D. Forbes, D.G.K. Taylor (Gorgias Press, Piscataway).
• “The Priesthood of Christ in Early Syriac Thought”, (Studia Patristica; Peeters Press Leuven).
• “The hymns in praise of wine by Khamis bar Qardahe”, (Aram Periodical; Peeters Press, Leuven).

Контактная информация: david.taylor@orinst.ox.ac.uk

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