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Photo report: the Sicilian Palatine Chapel – Pantocrator, archangels and saints

The construction of the Palatine Chapel is dated to the year of the coronation of Roger II, i.e. 1130. Built as a private chapel in the royal palace of the king, and now bearing the name of the Palace of the Normans, the chapel was initially free-standing, but is now completely surrounded by a later structure. Several reconstructions have taken place over the centuries, changing the monument while preserving the architecture and monuments and certain of the mosaics.
The value of the Palatine Chapel lies in the fact that it is a synthesis of Norman cultural and political administrations. The chapel miraculously combines the most important Sicilian architectural trends: European, Sicilian, Byzantine and Arabic.


photographs: http://theofilakt.livejournal.com/59888.html

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