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Photo reports

Photo report: the Sicilian Palatine Chapel – Pantocrator, archangels and saints

The Palatine Chapel (Italian: Cappella Palatina — lit. "palace chapel") is the chapel of the Norman palace in Palermo, the private chapel of the kings and viceroys of Sicily. One of the most important monuments in the Arab-Norman style, it contains mosaics of the 12th and 15th centuries by Byzantine and local craftsmen, and a Arab-style carved ceiling, rarely found in Europe. In more detail November, 8
The Turkish city of Alanya was founded in the fourth century by Greek colonists, who named it Kalonoros ("Beautiful Mountain"). In the second century AD, when it was known as Coracesium, it became the capital of the Cilician pirates, who terrorised the southern coast of Asia Minor. As a result, the Romans decided to put an end to the piracy, and Pompey's fleet practically annihilated the pirate fleet in a battle around Alanya in 67 AD.

Aga Mirek was a Persian artist, born in 1502. A native of Isfahan, he was a direct descendant of the Prophet Muhammad.

Bloggers have created a compilation of photographs of the most beautiful and majestic libraries still used by readers today.

A selection of lithographs from the album "The Picturesque Holy Moscow Kremlin"

A selection of photographs of the Church of the Tomb of Christ in Jerusalem

With the blessing of Metropolitan Hilarion (Fifth Hierarch of the Russian Church Outside Russia Russian Orthodox church was opened in Sargodha, Pakistan on 30th January 2012.

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