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Crisis is in fact very good and very beneficial

Protopriest Paul Velikanov is rector of St. Paraskeva’s parish, a dependency of the Trinity-Sergius Lavra, and chief editor of the website Bogoslov.ru. In October of 2014 he presented the lecture “Ecclesiality and Ecclesialization” at Holy Trinity Seminary, calling forth much interest. The present interview with Fr. Paul was conducted by Deacon Andrei Psarev of ROCOR Studies, during a session of the interconciliar assembly. In more detail August, 24
September, 14
The rue de Crimée is an ordinary street in Paris. Yet go through the gates and into the courtyard and you find yourself in a different world. The noise and bustle of the big city disappears and you are in an oasis of unearthly quiet and peace. This is where the Orthodox Institute of St Serge hides. The builidings are old. The steps are worn down. On the doors of the church there is a two-headed eagle. But nowhere does it feel tired and worn out by age. There is a vibrant, warm feeling of a living joy in faith. Bogoslov.ru presents its readers with an interview with Archpriest Nikolai Chernokrak, lecturer at the Orthodox Institute of St Sergius.

May, 31
The Chaplain of the Institute for Orthodox Christian Studies in Cambridge, England, chooses three theological works that he believes are well worth reading.

January, 16
An interview with the librarian of the Monastery of St Catherine, Mount Sinai, Archimandrite Justin Sinaites, on the history and mission of the monastery, the Ladder of St John, and the fear of death.

December, 5
Professor Constantine Niarchos is Professor of Ancient Greek Philosophy at the Faculty of Philosophy in the University of Athens, and specialises in the relationship between ancient Greek philosophy and early Christian thought. In this interview he discusses modern asceticism, the question of the future of Orthodox Christianity, and how Christians can best tackle the crises of the modern world.

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