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Trans-humanism as an Anthropological Problem

What is the individual? From the scientific point of view, the individual is a material object – body. In Christian anthropology the individual is a created being, he is a material object – body, and he is a person – subject, transcending the material world of objects at the same time. Philosophy gives different definitions of individual but in the mid-twentieth century the rejection of the human being, as a subject and as an existing being, was openly proclaimed for the first time by structuralism – the founder of trans-humanism. The aim of the philosophical concept of trans-humanism is to liberate the human race from the inherent biological limitations. Modern scientific and technological progress with its opportunity to reformat the human nature almost reached this concept. In more detail April, 19
October, 17
In his artilce Professor of Canon Law shares his experience of teaching this subject in Holy Trinity Orthodox Seminary in Jordanville, NY.

November, 17
Abdullah II, King of Jordan Hashemite Kingdom, came to Moscow with next working visit, during which he had a meeting with the President of Russian V.V. Putin on October 2, 2014. There is a widespread belief that Moscow and Amman interact only because of Jordanian interest in Russian armaments. However, this is not so.

November, 12
The abbot of the Monastery of St John the Baptist and St Silouan discusses what should be the role of the Church in politics in the context of the situation in Syria. What attitude should Christians, individually, and as the Church, take when faced with violence and injustice in their society? "Either Christ is with us and among us or we have nothing whatsoever to bring us together and unite us. We remain divided in our hearts, opposing each other in our intentions. Either the love of Christ or the stench of death!"

December, 3
In early September a Synaxis of the Heads of the Four Ancient Patriarchates and the Patriarchate of Cyprus was held in Istanbul at the residence of the Patriarch of Constantinople. This event triggered discussions among experts about an attempt to bring back to life the institute of the Pentarchy in the East. The website “Bogoslov.Ru”, continuing the debate on this issue, offers an article by Doctor of Theology Andrew A. Ukhtomsky, Professor of Kiev School of Theology.

September, 17
The news that the Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople is convening a Synod of the Eastern Patriarchs on September 1, 2011, in Istanbul, with the participation of the Archbishop of Cyprus has generated contradictory assumptions concerning the forthcoming event as an attempt to reconstitute the Pentarchy. In the light of these developments, Albert Bondach believes it timely to analyze the history and possible relevance of the Pentarchy institute and to consider the place of the Moscow Patriarchate in it.

December, 17
Today Chinese society is on the verge of a religious revival. Forthcoming favourable social conditions provide a chance for the Chinese Autonomous Orthodox Church, whose mother is the Russian Orthodox Church, to be restored to life. Archpriest Dionisy Pozdnyaev considers the ways towards the re-creation of religious life in the framework of the model of church autonomy.

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